The Cemi

The Cemi Museum

One of the main attractions in Jayuya is the Cemi Museum. The museum opened its doors in 1989, during Jayuya's twentieth annual celebration of its renowned Indigenous Festival. Mr. Walter Murray Chiesa came up with the idea of constructing a museum. Architect Efren Badia Cabrera, from the municipality of Rio Piedras, elaborated in the design, its gigantic Cemi structure is an erthly representation of the Taino Divinities. The museum houses the following archeological pieces, among others, evidence of the existence of the Taino culture: an exhibition belonging to the Puerto Rico Institut of Culture that consist of a collection of everyday objects used by the Taino Indians; a mural exhibition made of ceramic containing productions of indigenous petro glyphs. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this majestic museum.
The museum is open Monday -Friday from 9AM to 4PM