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Hecho en Paracho is an hour-long documentary about the people of Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico. Come to a town in central Mexico where old-world cultures and traditions are still part of daily life; where a society, its economy and future depend solely on the construction of the guitar. Luthiers and craftsmen utilizing old-world tools and techniques have propelled this small town's reputation to international acclaim. The town of Paracho holds a guitar festival every August called La Feria de la Guitarra, The Festival of the Guitar. Join us as we step back in time, trace the roots of this tradition and watch the future of Paracho come alive!

Flying With Emilio Carranza

Flying With Emilio Carranza is a half-hour documentary that takes you to a small community in New Jersey, where every year tribute is paid to a virtually unknown Mexican hero. Captain Emilio Carranza has been dubbed "Mexico's Charles Lindbergh." In 1928, while flying a goodwill mission from New York, his plane crashed in Tabernacle, New Jersey during a thunderstorm. Since his death, members of American Legion Post 11 in Mount Holly have continued to promote goodwill by honoring Captain Carranza. We sit down with the men of Post 11 who have honored this fallen hero for almost 80 years, and hear their stories.


Jardin Expres

Jardin Expres is an innovative program that transforms people's neglected and unused backyards into functional, beautiful gardens. Host Javier Salas and the Jardin Expres team battle all odds and weather conditions to take you through the amazing transformation in just 48 hours and a budget less than $1,000! Entertaining and full of supense, this 30-minute program will captivate a wide audience, from first time gardeners who are looking for step-by-step advice, to seasoned gardeners needing tips for enhancing their own gardens, to the lucky individual whose backyard is transformed into the surprise of a lifetime!